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Advice please !!

Sarasmile started this conversation

    Ok its time to get serious (telling myself this... lol) ...what exactly does this site offer and what can I offer ???!?!anybody with a real answer please do tell....I dont know where to be looking for advice this is really a tuff thing to accomplish. I just want to know where a person can start ....Anybody who plans events, weddings, galas, parties, etc...I would love it if you can give me any advice what should I do please  any advie helps !!!?!? i am a very determined woman

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 in response to Sarasmile...   

well, it's up to you and what you think is best of yourself. follow what you want and need for you!!! the one thing that i like about YTB (Your Travel Biz) is that it gives you a lot of access to do event planning without having to have your degree or whatnot. my brother and i will be planning a family reunion and 2 weddings for 2012 and i will be using YTB's resources the best that i can. good luck with starting the event planning business. i wish the best for you. please do not take this message the wrong way, i am not trying to be mean at all, just responding. sorry that it took so long as well!!!

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 in response to Mary14...   

Hi Mary,

Sorry to get back to you soo late I havent been on here in a while...i m looking to start an event planning business. Im going to school now for business. I just dont knowwhere to start. Maybe work fo r n events company first for a while huh?

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What exactly are you looking for? what kind of party is it? is it a wedding, or a birthday, a family reunion?

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